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An excerpt from History vs. Hollywood “Yes. A fact-check of The Mule movie reveals that Bradley Cooper’s character was inspired by D.E.A. Special Agent Jeff Moore, who captured 87-year-old Leo Sharp in 2011. Moore was interviewed by The New York Times about the investigation and Sharp’s capture, which was turned into the article “The Sinaloa Cartel’s 90-Year-Old Drug Mule” by Sam Dolnick. Moore was described then as being 43 with “short, spiky dark hair and a thin goatee,” which is confirmed in the photo below. A former Kansas City street cop, Moore had eventually become an undercover narcotics officer. He spent his time trying to infiltrate the city’s crack houses from the inside, often with a prostitute in tow. He moved on and joined the D.E.A. in 2004.” -The New York Times

Prior to working as a federal agent, Agent Moore was a police officer in Kansas City, Missouri.

Screenwriter Jeff Moore’s new biopic crime drama, Tammy Mack is based on true events in his life as a young police officer in Kansas City working undercover narcotics investigations.

Moore is represented by Sheba Media Group

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