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Author John Henkels’ Heart Pounding Time Traveling Tale, The Alabama Prophet is Imaginative, Gripping: A True Reckoning

The Alabama Prophet, inspired by Jacob’s University of North Carolina Fencing teammate, Carlexa Fevry, an African-American woman of great passions and a smile that can light up a room. Carlexa, while searching for a post-graduate position with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, brought forth the idea of an alternate reality to the evolution of racism in America. From that moment, Naomi Devereaux, the Alabama Prophet, materialized in imagination and fantasy.

An alternate reality to the evolution of suppression and racism in post-Civil War America in which the seeds that eradicate racism are sown in the unlikeliest of places, Alabama.

In an alternate reality of the Post-Civil War era, the destruction of racism in America is paramount to a former slave after she inherits her white father and master’s rich plantation. With the help of a time traveler sent to eradicate evil, she defends her ownership from her vicious, and now penniless, white half-brother, the presumed heir. The seeds are sown, in Alabama, that choke out racism over the following generations in America. 

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