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Michael Jackson’s Thriller Co-Star, Ola Ray’s Memoir, ‘The Thrill of it All’ Is in the Works

Explosive and engrossing! Ola Ray breaks her silence on the Me Too, before the Me-Too movement! The book, revisits the domestic violence she suffered at the hands of a behemoth former NFL Player to include tales of physical brutality, kidnapping and torment. Ray is giving readers a front row seat as she now opens up and answers much anticipated questions about her relationship with the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and how she booked the role in Jackson’s iconic ‘short film’ music video, Thriller.

Along the way, Ray’s book offers seedy stories of high-powered Hollywood hitters as she exposes them with accusations of audacious sexual harassment, exploitation and other ‘casting couch’ incidents. Ray’s book also discusses Hugh Hefner and what she endured and witnessed at the Playboy Mansion as Miss June 1980 centerfold for the Playboy Magazine.

Ola’s memoir is a self-reflection of regret, recovery. and redemption after her own battle with a drug addiction.

The story contains just as much light as it does darkness. In coming forward now, Ola Ray hopes her experiences and the advice she now gives precludes another young starlet from falling prey to the trappings and pitfalls of youth stardom, including ‘reading the fine print’ when it comes to business contracts.

The red flags she warns of will certainly benefit up-and-coming young talent and help both them and their parents avoid the traumatic experiences that plagued her for decades.

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