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Dawn Carter (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Supremacy, Date Night, First Daughter NBC’s Community) Signs on to Margin of Error

Margin of Error is a miniseries adaptation of the upcoming novel, MARGIN OF ERROR, a gritty coming-of-age series. It’s based on the life of the renowned Vascular Surgeon,  Dr. Jeffery Dormu, D.O. FACOS, the first Black Founder and owner, of a Hospital, where he is Chief Surgeon of the Minimally Invasive Vascular Centers. 


Unprovoked police brutality visited upon a 14yr old propels him into a life of crime until he reaches a pivotal moment that stirs in him a yearning to become a heart surgeon. Battling, racism, the police including, multiple false arrests, a gang tugging at him and mentors that mock his dream, Darrien remains committed to achieving his dream, ultimately owning the First and only Black owned hospital in DC.    


The story explores the consequence of youthful first encounters with racist police and a merciless beating at their hands directly and indirectly impacts and derails a bright, innocent young 14 year old’s life. With no father figure in the home, he is subsequently seduced by the protection and influence of a gang. The impressionable,  misguided youth is groomed for cruelty but eventually breaks free of the gang. Still known to cops who want to still tag him as a kingpin becomes problematic.  Facing obstacles in the streets as well as in the academic arena where his mentors laugh in his face after he shares his desire to become a surgeon, this only fuels his commitment, which he dogmatically pursues. While battling dirty cops that snatch him out of chemistry class on charges later dropped and even after he realizes his dream and  becomes a surgeon, he is brutally arrested and mocked while in his white coat, in front of his mother’s house. He sustains injuries that nearly destroy his hand, and shoulder, thereby jeopardizing his livelihood. He would later win a suit against the police department.

In the vein of ‘For Life’, Dormu has reached back to help others, and continues to give generously throughout his community by sponsoring several entrepreneurs, and college students who followed in his footsteps. Yet, the one constant beyond fighting to open and maintain his facility, is the very palpable presence of racism in many corridors and facets of establishing himself in the medical field, from supply channels to outlandish encounters with chronically racist patients.  In addition, the series touches on regentrification and how Dormu, who also holds a real estate license recovered his childhood home.

In no way is this project meant to glamorize ‘gang life’, but to signal to people with a criminal past that they can get passed it and achieve their goals even faced with the many tenacles striving to hold you back.

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